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Traffic Security Industry Solar Traffic Flashing Light Price Mystery

1, shell be oxidation process for aluminum alloy extrusions, to long-term sun exposure and corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance (many vendors in the market for PVC sugar powder, cracking a few Sun shell)

2, the module shall not be less than 20 bright LED lights, can guarantee the strobe light brightness standards. Epoxy FR4 PCB circuit boards to prevent components falling off. Plus three Kit ABS material casing PC mask vacuum coating, can the protection components ensure, on a basis of brightness. (Many businesses as a cover on the market plus pieces of circuit board and poor-quality LED, only going to light brightness standards, and led to loss of components, resulting in led is not lit. )

3, meets solar power and conversion rate (deficiency of many businesses in the market power, to surface size calculation)

4, battery, conventional set of 4 sets of double-sided solar flashing lights on a 7-14AH basis (many merchants installed 2AH battery on the market, and large shell-on camouflage, actual not compliance)

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