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Traffic Safety Applications Of Solar Traffic Signs

1, city of light pollution
In the city, after nightfall, flashing brilliant, dazzling shopping malls, the hotel upstairs, neon signs, advertisements, and so on, irradiation as the night the day, dazzling. In the heart of the Strip, even traffic lights are hard to find, this is an appalling phenomenon, not visible to ordinary traffic signs more. Solar traffic sign has a strong striking drivers are far to see, and the front.
2, the mountain fog
Expressway common distribution of expressways in mountainous areas in the western regions of China, complex landforms and geological conditions. Topography, characterized by poor ground high, frequent changes, cross-slope geological complex characterized by Karst, landslides and unstable slopes, avalanches, cliffs, gas formation geological mountain humid and rainy, with lush vegetation of forest environments, these roads often foggy. Distribution of fog is often very uneven, sometimes on a section of the line of sight is clear, but in another section of fog. Drivers are vision suddenly became dark, some drivers can't adapt to sudden changes in vision, will produce a sense of panic, so prone to traffic accidents. Solar traffic signs highlighting traffic information has been adequately strengthened.
3, safety
Road traffic safety risks exist mainly road illumination at night, pavement marking fuzzy; more serious road damage; rainy season of stagnant water around campus traffic safety hazard. Solar traffic signs with LED light to sketch the pattern outline and convey traffic information. So far can be noticed.