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Spike Installation Notes

1. installed on the line. Marking is also a resin material itself is attached to the ground, its connection with the ground force is limited. If spikes installed on a line, then spike the impact are fully passed on to the marking, that spike is likely to be hit, but also the marking stick out.
2. spike the installation location is not flat. Direct consequence is that the spikes caused by uneven force, the pressure spike almost entirely focused on the convex and concave sections. If you have large-tonnage vehicles, Spike is very easy to break.
3. spike the installation location is not clean. Spike's strength depends on Spike, glues and bonding of the ground. If the installation location is not clean, dust traps most of the bonding glue, causing spikes adhesive is not strong, in the face of external shocks, it is easy to fall off.
4. excessive amount of glue or enough. Improper dosage will reduce bonding strength of Spike, reducing its life; too much, excess glue from seeping around the Spike, is easy to clean to the spikes on the reflector, affect its brightness.
5. glue applied unevenly. When you install spikes, glue not only moderate, and evenly, so as to ensure the spikes partially force evenly and avoid stress does not appear to be crushed.