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Solar Spike In Problems During Installation

1. positioning
Solar road Stud road to clutter, end of solar surface energy and surface contact area, the increase in the adhesion.
2. glue
1) glue, is currently the major asphalt glue and epoxy glue. Advantage asphalt adhesive is curing time is short, but there is a fatal flaw: in the summer, when the surface temperature 70-80 degrees, it will soften, wheel impact or fall off, or black tar adhesive softens in the reflective surface, affecting the reflective effect. So install solar nails must use epoxy glue. Epoxy glue on the market wide range more than 100, but spike special but then two or three and the ratio of hardener must be reasonable.
2) and glue curing agent for epoxy resin, adhesives, cement proportion matched is sticky, especially in winter, artificial and difficult to move, this time mixing gun is used for the three full and uniform, to better the curing effect.
3) glue to glue on the road surface, squeeze out solar. The amount must be reasonable, too small, Spike is not strong; too much waste glue and easily reflector.
3. road closure
6 hours after curing epoxy resin glue, so be closed for 6 hours.