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Solar LED Street Light When Installed

For the night lights for our lighting, may be a lot of people think that is the same, that is, through the use of electricity, but did not notice that it is not the same. Some LED city lights, Solar LED street light some solar lights, then, it would be asked whether it is good solar street lights or LED city lights it?

Solar street lights are sunshine during the day, directly into the solar energy into electricity, stored in the battery inside, night light automatically open, lighting, Solar LED street light pollution, pure green, no exhaust and other discharge. Electricity LED lights, electricity consumption per night, the monthly electricity costs are very high, while electricity will consume a lot of energy, resulting in exhaust gas, is not conducive to environmental protection.

 Solar street light installation, no foundation, no wiring, no pipe, only a cement base and within 1m to do a battery pit, with galvanized bolts can be fixed, would like to install where to install where to use the city Electric power LED lights, energy-saving street lights are more complex, Solar LED street light first of all to set up cables, trenching pipe, pipe threading, backfill and other large number of civil construction, consumption of a lot of manpower and resources, if it is not reserved line, then want to add a street Need to reproduce the excavation of the roadbed, design wiring diagram, and then construction, if the line appears short-circuit situation, Solar LED street light maintenance is very troublesome, the cost is very high.

Solar street lights used 12-24v low voltage, less harmful, Solar LED street light is the district or ecological park, the municipal sector of choice.

LED lights, generally 220v voltage, encountered road changes, Solar LED street light sewer construction, and pavement and so will have a great hindrance, while there will be some danger, it may cause danger to the street lights themselves.

The above is on the solar street lights and LED city lights comparison, which shows that solar street lights than the city of environmental protection, energy saving. To the sun for the energy, solar panels during the day to the battery charging, the battery at night to the LED light source power supply to achieve the lighting function, without the need for complex and expensive pipeline laying, can adjust the layout of the lamp, Solar LED street light safe and energy-saving pollution, no manual operation Stable and reliable, Solar LED street light saving electricity maintenance.

According to the system voltage and component voltage of the street lamp, the components are connected in series. If the voltage of the streetlight system is 24v and the component voltage is 17v or 18v, the components should be connected in series. The series is the positive (or negative) and the second Block assembly of the negative (or positive) connection, if the component voltage is 34v, it should be parallel to the components, Solar LED street light parallel method is the first component of the positive and negative components and the second component of the positive and negative corresponding connection, The screwdriver is crimped into the terminal block of the terminal box, and the red wire is connected with the positive pole. The blue wire is connected with the negative electrode. After the wiring is good, the anti-nut of the terminal box is tightened, Solar LED street light and the terminal of the junction box is sealed with 7091 sealed silicone, The amount of glue to make the junction box into the line at the full seal shall prevail, Solar LED street light and then buckle the wiring box cover, Solar LED street light the junction box cover should be fastened, not buckle.

Use the multimeter to check whether the component wiring (connected to the controller side) is short-circuited, and whether the component output voltage meets the system requirements. In clear weather, Solar LED street light the open circuit voltage should be greater than 18v (system voltage of 12v) or 34v (system voltage of 24v). After installing and testing the components, the power cord is connected to the positive side of the controller. The insulating tape is wrapped with the exposed thread, and the insulating tape is wrapped in two layers.