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Solar LED Street Light Technical Advantages

Solar street light is a crystalline silicon solar battery power supply, valve control type sealed and maintenance-free battery, gel battery) to store electrical energy, super bright LED as light source, lamps and lanterns and controlled by the intelligent charging and discharging controller, is used to instead of the traditional public power lighting lamps.

Working principle

Solar street lamp principle of work: during the day under the control of the intelligent controller of solar energy street lamp, solar panels after the illuminate of sunshine, absorb the solar energy light into electrical energy, solar battery components to the battery charge during the day, night batteries to provide electricity to power a LED light source, lighting functions. The dc controller can ensure that the battery pack is not damaged by overcharging or over-discharge, while also equipped with functions such as photo-control, time-control, temperature compensation and lightning protection and anti-polarity protection.

Advantages of solar street lighting technology

1. Installation is simple: when installing solar street lamp, do not need to have complicated wiring, only make a cement base, make a battery pit, and fix with galvanized bolt. Do not need to consume a large amount of manpower, material resources, financial consumption, installation is concise, do not need to line or "open the mouth to break the stomach" digging ground construction, also do not have the power to limit electric concern.

2. Little investment: once the solar street lamp is invested and benefited in the long run, it will not generate maintenance costs due to its simple line, and it will not generate expensive electricity bills. 6-7 years of cost recovery, 3-4 years savings over 1 million electricity and maintenance costs. Can eliminate the electricity of the city electric lamp is expensive, the line is complicated, need long uninterrupted line to undertake repair. In the case of unstable voltage, it is inevitable that the sodium lamp is easy to be broken, and as the number of years increases, the aging of the line and the maintenance costs are increasing every year.

3. Good safety performance: the solar street lamp adopts the 12-24v low voltage, stable voltage, reliable operation, no hidden danger, it is the ecological community, the highway department ideal product. No accident such as electric shock or fire. Grid lamp safe hidden trouble, the living environment of people under the changing circumstances, road, landscape construction, reform power supply is not normal, water gas pipeline crossing construction aspects to bring a lot of hidden dangers.

4. Energy conservation and environmental protection: energy is provided by solar energy conversion, inexhaustible and inexhaustible. No pollution, no noise, no radiation. Solar street lamps can add new selling points to the development and promotion of noble ecological communities. To reduce the cost of property management and reduce the cost of public share. In contrast, the safety of solar lighting without hidden trouble, energy saving and consumption, green environmental protection, easy installation, automatic control of inherent characteristics, such as maintenance free will for the building of sales, municipal engineering construction directly with obviously available advantage.

5. Long life: the life of solar lamps is much higher than that of ordinary electric lamps, such as the main components of solar energy lamps, the life of solar cell components is 25 years; The average life of low pressure sodium lamp is 18000 hours; The average life of low-pressure high-efficiency three-base color energy-saving lamp is 6000 hours; The average life of ultra bright LED is over 50,000 hours. The life of the solar power storage battery is 38AH. 38-150ah for 3-7 years. The product technology content is high, the control system, the fittings are international brand, intelligent design, the quality is reliable. According to the local price bureau in accordance with the conventional area "village street lights maintenance fee one-time charge according to the pure residential construction area 6 yuan / ㎡" regulation, make ordinary higher initial investment solar lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns are many initial investment. All in all, the characteristics of solar energy saving investment are fairly obvious [3].

Solar power supply system, the battery is good or not directly affects the performance of system quality and service life of the comprehensive cost and operation, this scenario to choose the company with the Chinese academy of sciences institute of metal research and the latest achievements of energy storage type colloidal battery, compared with the ordinary lead-acid batteries, in design and manufacturing process has the following prominent features:

The service life is very long and the service life is five to ten years.

The suitable positive and negative alloy formula and the active material ratio are used to make the battery more suitable for the use of energy storage battery cycle charge and discharge.

The design of the colloidal electrolyte, which effectively inhibits the removal of the active substance and the sulfuric acid salinization of the plate, thus slows down the performance of the battery in the process of use. Greatly improved the battery's deep filling cycle life. Choose the fourth generation of lighting products LED light source.