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Solar LED Street Light Shortcoming

Many people know that solar street lamps belong to the emerging products, and they belong to environmental products. In fact, the potential of solar street lamps continually recognized by people, so many units began to try using the lights, is one of the most generation representative during the Olympics, we mostly take this kind of lamps in the park, including light, landscape lamp, lawn lamp, etc., for honors to the view of the park, and reflects China's extensive use of high-tech products.

A lot of people think, solar street light is only a kind of scientific and technological strength, actually this sentence is not the problem, the wide application of solar energy street lamp is the use of high-tech products in China's strength, but more significantly, we use the solar energy street light but because such energy belongs to clean energy, it won't produce pollution to the surrounding environment, to human survival environment is without any damage, therefore has been widely recognized and spread.

Large unit adopts this kind of lamp another reason is that this kind of street lamp is more save money, while on the installation and the product cost, belongs to the products of high, but in the later use, it does not need to consume outside power, he simply by heat energy into the electricity required to yourself, so will save a lot of electricity charges, in addition, the repair will be less, in the late this lamp is a reasonably, credit for ten thousand generations.

How long can the solar street lights be used

Solar street lamp installation cost and product cost is higher, it is well known things, coupled with the solar street lamp belongs to high-tech products, so many people worry that its service life is short, many enterprises after considering this aspect, will abandon the use of this kind of street lamp, still adopts the traditional street lamp.

Actually people concern is redundant, because the use fixed number of year of solar street light panels for 25 years, it is more long than traditional street lamps will use fixed number of year, in addition, high-tech products with its many advantages, it does not require other power as a support, it only requires its own panels convert heat into electricity, so as to supply their own use. Thus save a lot of cost, in addition, its installation cost will be cheaper, and the late basic don't need maintenance, so the overall accounting, it costs far less than the cost of traditional street lamp.

In addition it is important to note that the application of solar energy is more and more attention by people, it will not only save a lot of living expenses, and belongs to the new energy, will not produce a large amount of waste, won't cause harm to the environment, and energy use belongs to use for a long time, on average, the solar energy is one of the best energy in the modern society, in the future society will be of utmost used by people, and bring to people's life more convenient

What are the shortcomings of Yang energy street lamps

Solar street lamp belongs to one of the new energy application, because of its color, full of the tech and requires no additional power auxiliary, so people to become green lights, and vigorously sought after by the adults. Are many advantages for solar street lamps, but some of these disadvantages are still make a lot of people away, not willing to accept new high-tech product, so, let's go to have a look at today, solar street lamps have what disadvantages?

Solar products is the chief drawback of storage and weather problems, solar street light is not exceptional also, for some see sunshine all the year round area, is completely unable to use the solar energy street lamp, these areas are perennial illumination is insufficient, the serious influence the use time of street lamp, therefore, these areas can only use the traditional electric lighting. In addition, China still has a great shortage of electricity storage, so it is better to use traditional street lamps in less light areas.

High-tech product costs are generally not low, so it is with solar street lamps, solar street lamp cost is the cost of a ordinary street lamp dozens of times, but do not need other power to support because of its late, so for a long time, still a lot more advantages than ordinary street lamp, solar street lamps believe in later life, people for the application of solar energy will be more and more widely, solar products will gradually into people's life, make people's life will be better.