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Solar LED Street Light Renewable Energy

Lithium battery solar street light, does not emit CO2 and SO2, Solar LED street light there is no conventional power generation noise, solid waste and other pollution, is one of the most important renewable energy technologies. With the lithium battery solar street power generation technology continues to develop, lithium battery energy saving, environmental protection, security and other advantages of the application, become the new darling of urban road lighting industry, the market has great potential. In different regions, Solar LED street light such as cities or villages, the lithium battery solar street lighting density requirements are different,

But through the lithium battery solar street lamp charging discharge working principle, Solar LED street light and the basic characteristics of lithium batteries. According to different requirements, mainly from the practical and economic considerations, you can choose the appropriate capacity for the needs of the local lithium battery solar street lamp configuration.

Lithium battery solar street lamp works: solar panels in the day to receive solar radiation, the solar energy into electricity and output, through the integration of solar controllers, Solar LED street light the power stored in lithium batteries. When the night falls, the solar panel operating voltage is less than 4V, the solar controller automatically detects the voltage value, the battery power supply to the LED lights. Solar LED street light At sunrise, when the solar panel operating voltage is greater than 4V, the solar controller stops supplying power to the LED and continues to charge the lithium battery.

First, it is the use of natural light source of continuous light resources, Solar LED street light with energy saving, intelligent control of the advantages, without the consumption of traditional electricity electricity.

Second, the charge and discharge system using lithium battery and controller integrated structure, is a controllable, non-polluting energy storage battery system. Lithium battery life is generally longer, Solar LED street light in the practical application with the LED street lamp system perfect match.

Third, the lithium battery solar street lights can also be based on user needs, the remaining capacity of lithium batteries, day and night length, weather conditions and other factors to optimize the intelligent calculation, reasonable allocation of electricity levels, Solar LED street light and to achieve light perception and storage memory and other functions, to ensure that Three to five days continuous rainy day lights.

Fourth, lithium batteries are the nature of dry batteries, Solar LED street light more with security, more stable than lead-acid batteries, more secure.

Five, light weight, the same volume under the weight of about 1 / 6-1 / 5 lead acid products; construction and installation convenience.

Six, lithium battery high and low temperature adaptability, Solar LED street light can be -20 ℃ - 60 ℃ environment, after the process of treatment, can be used in -45 ℃ environment.

Seven, long life, the use of feeding phenomenon will not appear. Also avoid the loss of the battery.