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Solar LED Street Light Principle Of Light Source

Yang energy street lamp system can guarantee the rainy weather over 15 days normal work! Its system composition consists of LED light sources (including the driver), solar panels, battery (including battery insulation box), solar street light controller, street lamp light pole (base) and wire of accessories and so on several parts.

Solar cell components are usually made of monocrystalline silicon or polysilicon solar cells. LED lamp head generally chooses high power LED light source; Controller is usually placed in a light pole, relating to, the control, overcharge, discharge protection and reverse connect protection, the more advanced controller have the four seasons adjust the lighting time, half power, intelligent charge and discharge functions, etc.; The battery is usually placed underground or there is a special battery incubator, which can be used as a valve control lead acid battery, colloid battery, iron aluminum battery, or lithium battery. The solar lamps are fully automatic and do not need to dig the ditch, but the lamppost needs to be installed on the embedded parts (concrete base).

The principle of LED light source of solar street lamp

1. High luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long service life and low working temperature.

2. Strong safety and reliability.

3. Quick reaction, small size and green environment.

4. Under the same brightness, power consumption is one over ten of the incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp of a third, but life is 50 times of incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp 20 times, is the incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, gas discharge lamp after the fourth generation of lighting products.

5. The invention of single large power ultra bright LED, it is possible that the LED application area will be cross-over to high-efficiency lighting source, and will be one of the greatest inventions since Edison invented the incandescent lamp.

Battery assembly

1) the inclination design, in order to make the solar cell components receive as much solar radiation as possible in a year, we should choose the optimal dip Angle for solar cell components.

2) anti-wind design

The solar street lamp is powered by crystalline silicon solar cells, the maintenance valve control type sealed storage battery (colloid battery) storage power, super bright LED light

As a light source, it is controlled by the intelligent charging and discharge controller, which is used to replace the traditional electric lighting. There is no need to lay cables, no communication power, no electricity bills; Dc power supply and control; It has the advantages of good stability, long life, high luminous efficiency, simple installation and maintenance, high safety performance, energy-saving and environmental protection, economical and practical. It can be widely used in urban main, secondary road, residential area, factory, tourist attraction, parking lot and other places. Product parts lighting rod structure: steel lamp pole and bracket, surface spray treatment, the panel connection adopts special anti-theft stainless steel screws.

How to deal with the lamp panel of solar street lamp?

A, direction,

If sales solar street lamp manufacturers to provide the required light board, so easy to use to defense the purchase, if not the manufacturers, so we need to find better quality sellers, different from ordinary lighting, this is a kind of solar street lamps to use ten years without any damage to the special existence, so when we use the, also need to consider its compatibility and using ability, the only way to ensure the normal use of the lamp board.

Second, the processing

Whether driver processing, or control processing, both to said the choice of the beacon board need to its considerations, after all, not unusual visible parts, such as deceptively simple signal control and direction of the need for different types of processing, and the use of the lamp panel, use also need to please to the operation of the professional personnel to deal with, so that when the light plate is applied to solar street light, can make good use function.

After the street lamp is installed on the ground, it not only can illuminate a very bright colour, at the same time it can also be for people in do enough preparation for its installation, so can play a more high-quality lighting condition.