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Solar LED Street Light Level Of Improvement

Solar street lights With the improvement of economic development level, solar road lighting has become an integral part of landscaping urban landscape. Therefore, Solar LED street light in order to ensure that the solar street project, street lighting equipment suppliers and installers to actively involved in solar road lighting project in advance, in the street lamp installation should note the following:

1, a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of solar street lamps, light, light pole, for the actual road and reference lighting standards, Solar LED street light combined with investment budget, a reasonable selection of solar lighting, light, light pole, to give full play to the efficient energy-saving light, solar lighting Light distribution, the advantages of accessories portfolio. Solar LED street light The following are the same as the "

2, in the lighting performance guarantee conditions, the appropriate increase in the distance of solar street lamps to save the number of lamps; appropriate to improve the height of solar street light pole to improve the lighting effect; as far as possible in the middle of the road with a bar to save the project cost. The following are the same as the "

3, combined with road engineering, Solar LED street light timely intervention in advance pole selection, foundation construction and embedded, in order to detect problems, reasonable change, to ensure quality, save investment. The following are the same as the "

4, according to the actual solar street construction site and geological conditions, design and manufacture of solar street light pole base and high pole light base to ensure a solid foundation and reliable. In particular, pay attention to the embedded bolt and rod seat reserved hole adaptation, Solar LED street light positioning accuracy, embedded length and external retention length is reasonable, the thread part to be properly protected to facilitate the lifting positioning.

5, in the rock, fossil land, scattered grounding and sub-grounding is difficult to meet the requirements, you can consider the design requirements of galvanized flat steel and other conductor through the long connection, the connection should be reliable, at the same time to be appropriate protection, Solar LED street light and with the embedded Reliable connection to ensure that each pole and reliable connection. Solar street lights in the high pole lights more dispersed, mainly rely on the base of the ground, if necessary, to use Jiang Zuji, reduce the grounding resistance.

6, lifting operations to strictly abide by the operating procedures. In particular, pay attention to the lifting equipment around the power lines and other lines, Solar LED street light as well as the surrounding structures, lifting the lifting point should be reasonable, after positioning to adjust. The following are the same as the "

7, pay attention to the installation of solar street light poles beautiful. Starting from the basic construction, the light bit to the main line to control the straight line, and reasonable according to the road design linear changes, poles straight, processing welds and repair mouth to avoid the main line direction, and the whole line to maintain consistency. The inclination of the cantilever of the pole rests in the direction and angle.

The following are the same as the "

8, solar street light fixture internal parts connector to plug tight, inserted firmly, to avoid loose wind and poor contact caused by failure. Solar street lamps and poles, Solar LED street light light pole and cantilever reliable fixed. Solar street lights in the high pole of each section to be set in place, lift and lighting to be reliable fixed, lifting system to be safe and reliable, lifting, limit, positioning and other functions to be complete.