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Solar LED Street Light High Luminous Efficiency

Solar Street lamp is the use of crystalline silicon solar cell power, maintenance-free valve-controlled sealed battery (colloid battery) storage power, super bright LED lamps as a light source, Solar LED street light and by the intelligent charge and discharge controller control, used to replace the traditional public power lighting lamps. There is no need to lay cable, no AC power, no electricity, and DC power supply, Solar LED street light control, good stability, long life, high luminous efficiency, simple installation and maintenance, high safety performance, energy saving and environmental protection, economic and practical advantages. Can be widely used in urban main, secondary roads, communities, factories, tourist attractions, parking and other places. Solar LED street light Product Parts Light bar structure: steel lamp rod and bracket, surface spray-plastic treatment, battery board connection using special anti-theft stainless steel screws.

Solar street lighting system consists of LED light source (including drive), solar panels, batteries (include battery insulation box), Solar Street controller, Solar LED street light street lamp rod (containing the basis) and accessories such as wire and other components.

Solar cell components generally choose monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon solar module; LED lamp is generally selected high-power LED light source; Controller is placed in the lamp rod, with light control, Solar LED street light time control, overcharge protection and reverse protection, more advanced controller has four seasons to adjust the light time function, half power function, intelligent charge and discharge function and so on; batteries generally placed in the underground or there will be a special battery insulation box, Solar LED street light can be used valve-controlled lead-acid batteries, colloid batteries, Iron or aluminum battery or lithium battery. Solar lamps are fully automatic and do not need to be tunneled, but the lamp rods need to be installed on the embedded parts (concrete base).

Solar Street lamp installation, Solar LED street light do not need to set up complex lines, only a cement base and within 1m to do a battery pit, with galvanized bolts can be fixed.

There are complicated operating procedures in the construction of mains street lamps. First of all, to be supplemented by cable, trench cloth pipe, pipe threading, Solar LED street light backfill, such as a large number of civil construction, consumption of a large number of human, material and financial resources. Finally, we have to debug, once the problem arises, it will cause a lot of consumption.

Solar street lamps because of the use of 12-24v low-voltage, voltage stability, reliable operation, there is no hidden danger, is an ecological community, the ideal Road department products.

The safety hidden trouble of Mains street, Solar LED street light people's living environment in the changing circumstances, road reconstruction, landscape engineering construction, power supply is not normal, water gas pipeline cross construction and many other risks.

Solar street lamps can add new selling points for the development and popularization of the noble ecological community, which can reduce the cost of property management and reduce the cost of public share of the owners. In contrast, the safety of solar energy without hidden trouble, Solar LED street light energy-saving without consumption, green environmental protection, easy installation, automatic control maintenance and other inherent characteristics will be for the sale of real estate, municipal construction directly bring obvious advantage.