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Solar LED Street Light Energy Saving And Environmental Protection

Solar street light Since the advent of the world's impression is that energy-saving environmental protection, efficient non-polluting, Solar LED street light do not need to lay cable, but we have not noticed, Solar LED street light solar street lamp head power size problem. Insiders must be clear, today's technology is difficult to make solar street lamps to adapt to more high-power street lamp head.

Reason 1

Solar Street Lamp If the use of high-power street lamp head, battery storage is very difficult to reach the length of lighting, just this point to let high-power street lamp head, solar energy efficiency is also built on the appropriate power of LED street lamp, Solar LED street light customers in the procurement of solar street lights must pay attention to this point.

Reason 2

Solar panels, if the use of high-power LED street lamp head, the size of the battery board must do a great deal, but if the solar panels do too much will inevitably on the street lamp rod to produce a larger load, the area too strong resistance to become larger, the risk coefficient is raised, Solar LED street light the safety hidden trouble is not in line with the application of solar street lamps.

Solar street Lamps Choose the right power of the lamp head is very important, do not blindly choose high-power street lamp Head, the above three problems can not be solved, high-power street lamp head will be difficult to apply to solar street lights, but the solar energy and electricity combined with the street lamp is able to try high-power street lamp head.

Intelligent, many people think of AI: computer, Robot and so on. Solar street lamps can also be intelligent, and the intelligent Solar Street lighting has begun to quietly apply in all aspects of people's lives. For example: monitoring lighting integrated Solar street lamps.

In fact, it is not difficult to find, many intersections monitoring and lighting integration, especially in some big cities, the traffic volume is relatively large, Solar LED street light municipal units for urban construction to grasp the relatively near, a lot of solar street lamps have made the integration of intelligent products, the application of good results.

With the development of national infrastructure, energy-saving, emission reduction, low efficiency and other policy requirements, Solar Street lamp has become a necessary product of road lighting, many traditional street lamp manufacturers began to transform to do solar street lamps and other energy-efficient products, Kai Chong Photoelectric Company's products have been sold to the country, oceans, Africa, Solar LED street light the Americas and other five continents have Kai Chong Photoelectric company Solar Street products figure.