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Solar Home Lighting System Structure And Working Principle

Solar LED lighting system scale and application in different forms, the system scale span is large, small to 0.3 ~ 2W lawn lamp, Solar Home Lighting System large to several hundred watts of solar LED high pole lights. Its application forms are also varied, in the home, transportation, communications, Solar Home Lighting System space and many other areas can be widely used. Although the size of solar LED lighting system varies, but its composition and working principle is basically the same. Solar LED lighting system by the solar cell array; battery; controller (some controller integrated LED driver function, but also the controller and LED driver separate); LED light source composition.

In the solar LED lighting system, the most important is the solar cell, because it is the core components of the collection of sunlight. Due to technical and material reasons, Solar Home Lighting System a single solar cell power generation is very limited, practical solar cells is a single battery string, parallel composition of the solar cell components. In recent years, as the mainstream of solar cells, Solar Home Lighting System crystalline silicon cells, raw material prices continue to rise, resulting in the cost of crystalline silicon cells rose sharply, which makes the amorphous silicon battery cost advantage is more obvious. In addition, Solar Home Lighting System thin-film batteries (large savings in the use of raw materials, thereby significantly reducing costs) has become the direction of development of solar cells, but its technical requirements are very high, and amorphous silicon thin film batteries as the most mature technology of thin film batteries, The most growth potential of the varieties.

The battery pack is a storage device in a solar LED lighting system that converts DCs converted from solar radiant energy to chemical energy for storage applications. Solar Home Lighting System Since the energy output from the solar cell module is extremely unstable, Solar Home Lighting System it is generally necessary to configure the battery to make the load work properly. The energy generated by the solar cell is stored in the form of chemical energy. When the load needs to be powered, the battery converts the chemical energy into electrical energy to the load. The characteristics of the battery directly affect the solar LED lighting system efficiency, Solar Home Lighting System reliability and price. Solar Home Lighting System The choice of battery capacity generally follow the principle is: first in the load to meet the premise of electricity, the daytime solar cell components generated by the energy stored as much as possible, Solar Home Lighting System but also to be able to store the expected continuous rainy days load the required energy The

The battery capacity is affected by the end load required power, Solar Home Lighting System sunshine time (power generation time). Therefore, Solar Home Lighting System the capacity of the battery when the battery by the expected load power and continuous no sunshine time decision, so the performance of the battery directly affect the solar LED lighting system operating characteristics. At present, solar LED lighting system is commonly used in valve-sealed lead-acid batteries, Solar Home Lighting System deep discharge liquid-absorbent lead-acid batteries, solar special battery batteries.

The role of the controller is to make the solar cells and batteries efficient and reliable work to get the most efficient and extend the battery life. Solar Home Lighting System The controller controls the charging and discharging of the battery and controls the output power of the solar cell module and the battery according to the power demand of the load. Solar Home Lighting System It is the core part of the whole solar LED lighting system. Through the controller of the battery charge and discharge conditions to be limited to prevent the battery anti-charging, overcharge and over discharge. Solar Home Lighting System In addition, Solar Home Lighting System it should have a circuit short circuit protection, reverse protection, lightning protection and temperature compensation and other functions. As the output energy of solar cells is extremely unstable, the quality of the controller charge and discharge control circuit is critical for the design of solar power generation systems.