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Solar Home Lighting System Independent Inverter Power Supply

Solar Home Lighting System Household solar energy lighting system is generally composed of solar cell components of photovoltaic arrays, solar charging controllers, batteries, off-grid inverter, DC load and AC load. If the output power supply is AC 220V or 110V, you also need to configure the inverter. Photovoltaic arrays convert solar energy into electricity in light of the situation, through the solar charging controller to load power, while charging the battery pack; In the absence of light, through the solar charging controller by the battery pack to DC load power supply, while the battery also directly to the independent inverter Solar Home Lighting System power supply, through independent inverter inverter turned into AC power supply to the AC load.

Photovoltaic power generation is a technology that transforms light energy directly into electric energy by using the optical volt effect of semiconductor interface. The key components of this technology are solar cells. After the solar cell is packaged in series, it can form a large area of solar battery pack, and then combined with the power controller and other components to form a photovoltaic power generation device. The advantages of photovoltaic power generation are less subject to geographical limitations, because the sun shines on the Earth, and the photovoltaic system has the advantages of safe, reliable, non-noise, low pollution, no consumption of fuel, and short transmission lines in place to power generation and Solar Home Lighting System construction cycle.

PV system mainly consists of solar panels (components), controllers and inverter three parts, they are mainly composed of electronic components, do not involve mechanical parts, so, photovoltaic equipment is extremely refined, reliable and stable life long, easy installation and maintenance. Theoretically, photovoltaic power generation technology can be used for any power supply occasions, to the spacecraft, down to the home power supply, large to megawatt power station, small to toys, photovoltaic supply everywhere. Solar Home Lighting System The most basic components of solar photovoltaic power generation are solar cells (tablets), the solar energy lighting system for home is monocrystalline silicon, polysilicon, amorphous silicon and thin-film batteries. Single crystal and multi-crystalline batteries are the largest, amorphous batteries for some small systems and calculator auxiliary power.

Domestic crystal silicon cell efficiency in 10 around, foreign similar products efficiency about 18t 23. A solar panel consisting of one or more solar panels is called a photovoltaic component. Photovoltaic power products are mainly used in three major areas: first, to provide power for non-electric occasions, mainly for the vast number of non-electric area residents living production to provide electricity, there are microwave relay power, communication power, and so on, in addition, including some mobile power and standby power supply; second, solar energy-daily electronic products, such as all kinds of solar chargers, solar street lamps and solar lawn lamp, and the third is connected to power generation, which has been widely implemented in developed countries. China's grid-connected generation has not started, but the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games partly by solar power and wind power supply.

Solar Home Lighting System Domestic Solar lighting system considerations:

1. Where is the solar power system used? How is the sunlight radiation situation in the land?

2, how much power is the system load?

3, the system output voltage is how much, DC or Exchange?

4. How many hours does the system need to work every day?

5, if the encounter without sunlight, the system needs to continuously power how many days?

6, the load of the situation, pure resistance, capacitance or electrical sensibility, how much start-up current?

7, the number of system requirements.