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Solar Home Lighting System High Reliability Requirements

Solar lighting is the most widely used independent photovoltaic lighting system, Solar Home Lighting System the kind of lamps relative to ordinary lighting, an increase of solar panels, controllers and batteries and other accessories. Solar lamps with energy, safe and reliable, energy saving (no electricity), easy installation and long life advantages.

Although the current price is concerned, the current solar energy lamps are mainly used in urban secondary roads and rural road lights and other occasions, can not completely replace the mains lighting, but in the long run, with the decline in solar panel prices and energy-saving light Of the research, Solar Home Lighting System solar lighting will play an increasingly important role.

Mainly refers to the use of solar lighting may be affected by the environment is not suitable for the installation of the occasion, you can focus on the solar panels placed in a unified way to provide power supply to provide lighting, solar panels using roof or use a dedicated bracket ground installation. The system has the advantages of centralized control and higher reliability relative to solar lamps. Solar Home Lighting System The disadvantage is that the AC system is not suitable for long distance transmission.

For the city lighting reliability requirements of high lighting, in order to enhance the reliability of the system, you can use a combination of electricity and the way. The advantage of this system is that solar power is not enough to use electricity to supplement, not only saves energy, but also enhance the reliability of the system.

In addition to the above solar power generation system, there are some hybrid power generation systems, such as wind and solar systems, photovoltaic - diesel systems. But the wind relative to solar energy, the more certain limitations and uncertainties. So only when the wind resources are relatively stable and have a certain value when used can be considered.

Solar system lighting light source principle is to choose suitable for environmental requirements of the light source, long life, high luminous efficiency, Solar Home Lighting System good color and so on. Commonly used light source types are: three primary colors energy saving lamps, high pressure sodium lamp, Solar Home Lighting System low pressure sodium lamp, LED, ceramic metal halide lamp, electrodeless lamp and so on. It is important to note that the DC input light source without inverting is chosen as much as possible. Solar Home Lighting System Since the efficiency of the small inverter is relatively low (typically less than 80%), the choice of DC input can reduce the energy consumption of the system.

As the efficiency of solar panels is relatively low, the current market-oriented solar packaging components are only about 17%, limiting the power of solar energy configuration, so the power of solar lights received a certain limit.

For the commonly used solar lighting, reflecting the most is the LED light source and DC energy-saving light source. DC energy-saving light source reflects the problem is the product of the reliability problems and light effects, some light source used less than a month has been damaged, Solar Home Lighting System although the replacement cost is not high, but a direct impact on the lighting effect. At the same time some manufacturers of nominal power and the actual power difference is too large (sometimes more than twice as much difference), light efficiency is poor, or even less than 30Lm / W; LED use better, Solar Home Lighting System but the cost of LED is relatively high (Even the price of ordinary manufacturers in 20 yuan / watt), 2007 Beijing new rural areas to promote the use of LED lights to the past two years, some LED lamps due to reduced light attenuation, but still normal use. In view of this, Solar Home Lighting System with the development of science and technology, and further research on the LED light source, reduce the light failure, reduce the cost of the case, LED lighting applications will be more extensive.