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Solar Home Lighting System Handmade

Solar battery and LED lighting is a typical application of new energy, energy conservation and efficient technology, solar LED lighting is the use of the solar cell converts nature of solar energy to electrical energy, offer the LED light source. Because of the low voltage, energy saving and long-term effect of LED light source, the application of solar LED lighting system will achieve high energy efficiency, reliability and practical value. Common applications include solar LED lawn lamps, solar LED lights and solar LED lighting.

Solar LED lighting system working principle is: in a time period, with the sun's rays solar array will collected solar energy into electricity, under the control of the control system, using pv MPPT methods, the electrical energy stored in the battery, in need electricity power supply, LED lighting system driven by PWM control mode, the LED lighting light source to provide a safe and efficient voltage current, make the LED lighting system safe, stable, efficient and reliable work, provide clean environment for work and life of green lighting.

The solar lighting system is made by hand

Solar power has for many years, in fact, the attention of the solar energy is nothing difficult walk the line, and the selection of wire rod, the other is the solar panels, battery, lighting power calculation.

Use electricity, the battery calculates: calculate the home to use how many lamps first, roughly total power how many W. For example, the home USES 10 lighting fixtures, 3W toilet, bathroom, and a total of 4 12W in the hallway, all of which are 5W6 total 30W. The total is 42W, and from 6:00 to 10:00 in the evening, there are five lamps in the draw, which are always bright and 21W per hour, which is four hours, so that is 84WH. We need to reserve the power for four to seven days, to ensure that the total amount of electricity generated by solar energy cannot be generated on a rainy day. So the size of the battery comes out. 84 x 4 = 336WH or 84 x 7 = 588WH with 12V battery, it is recommended that the battery should be stable and free of maintenance battery. 4 days power 336 to 12 = 28AH, 7 days battery 588 to 12 = 49AH

Solar panels calculate: then calculate the power of the solar panels and how much electricity they need to charge each day to fill the battery. 4 days of electricity consumption 336WH, battery is 12V solar panel as far as possible also choose 12V, 24V also can, see your preference. If the sun's best time of day is between 10 and 3 and 5 hours, the 12V100WH solar panel can generate 500 wh a day, which can be full of batteries. This is the ideal calculation method, which is better to increase the residual amount of 50%. The uncontrollable factors of solar power generation are too many. Four days of electricity use 2 12V100WH solar panels can fill the battery in a day. For seven days, three 12V100WH solar panels will be used. The solar panel connection is connected in parallel to maintain the 12V voltage.

Connecting accessories: you need a solar controller, a variety of solar controllers, a few tens of dollars on the low end, hundreds of thousands of high-end. The solar power station is a large controller, which is basically the same principle. It's just that they are connected to the Internet, and we use it for our own use.

Whole wired: solar panels in parallel, access to the above the solar controller with logo above the solar panels, battery is parallel, connected to the solar controller battery identification of interface, the last is an output terminal, connect directly to the lamps and lanterns. Put the switch on the lamp to save electricity.

Note: there are many factors that can not be controlled by solar power. Line as far as possible with copper, solar panels tilt stage at about 30 degrees north and solar panels in a more convenient clean place, as far as possible is maintenance-free battery, car battery can generally use more than 5 years