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Solar Home Lighting System Features

Household solar lighting system can use solar energy, the photoelectric conversion into electrical energy after storage, can be widely used in outdoor tourism.

Working principle: solar panels in the light, the photoelectric conversion, resulting in current and voltage. The battery is stored by the controller. Battery output DC5V for mobile phones and other digital products charge, DC12V for LED light source lighting and decoder power supply.

Features: a switch to control the battery switch and charge, three DC current limiting output port, two DC12V / 1A current limiting output port, a USB DC5V / 1A (Max) current limiting output port, a professional design better Protect your phone, digital products, LED light source, etc., at the same time with a decoder and radio function, so that you charge the digital products at the same time with entertainment.

Scope: can be widely used in outdoor tourism, field adventure, field hunting, long-distance travel, sea ships, night market traders, home lighting, dormitory emergency lighting, office emergency lighting.


1. Before the first use, the user needs to fill the battery.

2. The control box is screwed to prevent illegal opening to avoid danger.

3. Keep the product away from fire, water and other dangerous goods, must be stored in a dry and ventilated environment.

4. Do not hit, burn, heat, soaking, burial and other improper use.

5. Please place the solar panel upside down in the sun to ensure the best photoelectric conversion effect.

China's lighting accounts for about 10% of the total power consumption, and the current widespread use of lighting only about 15% into light energy, that is more than 80% of the energy is consumed in the form of heat. Reasonable use of natural resources, So that cheap solar energy resources to fully play its effectiveness, to create a green society, to ease the demand for electricity to extend the life of non-renewable energy (such as coal, etc.), in line with national industrial policy, the country strongly advocate and support the industry direction. Due to the unique advantages of lighting, it has been widely used in a variety of applications and is constantly being popularized. It is mainly suitable for daytime lighting in shopping malls, sports venues, office buildings, basements, airplanes, theaters and other places. For example, many large shopping malls in the day need to ensure adequate lighting, so equipped with more lamps, although these lamps have a certain role in beautifying the environment, but wasted a lot of electricity. If the use of sunshine lighting system to ensure that the day of lighting, not only save electricity costs, reduce environmental pollution, but also provides a comfortable light from nature.