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Solar Home Lighting System Considerations

Solar home lighting system can use solar energy, after the photoelectric conversion into electricity stored, can be widely used in outdoor tourism, etc.

The working principle of solar panels under the sunlight, the photoelectric conversion, an electrical current voltage. The controller will electricity to the battery. Battery DC5V output for mobile phones and other digital products charge, DC12V power for LED lighting and decoder.

Function introduction

A switch control switch of the battery and charging, three DC current limiting output port, two DC12V / 1 a current limiting output port, a USB DC5V / 1 a (Max) current limiting output port, professional design better protect your mobile phones, digital products, LED light source, etc., at the same time with the decoder and the radio function, allows you to digital products charging at the same time helping to entertainment and leisure.

Can be widely used in the field of tourism, outdoor adventure, big-game hunting, long-distance travel, Marine vessels, night market traders, household lighting, the dormitory emergency lighting, emergency lighting and other office.


1. Before first use, the user need to fill the battery.

2. The control box with screws, it is prohibited to illegally opened, thank you for your cooperation.

3. Please send the product away from fire, water and other dangerous goods, shall be stored in a dry and ventilated environment.

4. Ban struck, burning, heat, flooding, burying and other improper use.

5. Please put solar panels up in direct sunlight, to ensure the best photovoltaic effect.

The battery pack is a storage device of solar LED lighting system, DCs from the conversion of solar radiant energy into chemical energy storage applications. Due to the energy output from the solar cell module is very unstable, usually need to configure the battery work load. Energy generated by solar cells in the form of chemical energy stored in batteries, it takes strength to load, load cells convert chemical energy to electrical energy. The characteristics of the battery directly affects the efficiency of the solar LED lighting system, reliability and price. Solar home lighting system, battery capacity selection generally follow the principle is: first of all, on the premise of load to satisfy power, solar energy battery components generated during the day of the energy storage as much as possible, solar home lighting system will also be able to store is expected to continuous rainy days need power load

Battery capacity is necessary for impact load power, sunshine time (power). So the battery eaves tiles load capacity to determine the required power and sunshine time in a row, so the battery directly affects the performance of solar LED lighting system operating characteristics. At present, solar LED lighting system is typically used for steam - sealed lead-acid battery, solar home lighting system deep discharge liquid - absorbent lead-acid battery, solar battery cells.

Controller should make the solar cell module, solar LED lighting system near the maximum power point of total power generation to achieve maximum efficiency. Solar home lighting system charge control is usually using pulse width modulation technology, PWM control mode, emission control is mainly refers to the battery power shortage, system failure, solar lighting systems, such as the battery reverse when turn on or turn off.