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Solar Home Lighting System Be Highly Valued

Since the 1970s, solar photovoltaic power generation in the world has been highly valued and made great progress. Solar photovoltaic power generation technology as an important part of solar energy utilization, and is considered the twenty-first century, the most development potential of a power generation. The research of solar photovoltaic power generation system is of great significance to alleviate the energy crisis, reduce environmental pollution and reduce the greenhouse effect. This paper mainly studies the solar photovoltaic power generation from the independent family type solar lighting system. The STC12C5410AD single chip computer is the core, and the home solar lighting control system is optimized to solve the problem of how to effectively manage the battery and load. The use of solar panels to extend the life of the battery to prevent the problems caused by the line caused by the accident occurred; the text also describes in detail the working principle of solar power systems, household solar photovoltaic power generation system, such as the various components such as Solar cells, batteries, inverters and other aspects of a detailed analysis, according to the local meteorological parameters of the various parts of the relevant parameters of the design, plans to achieve 100W AC load within the normal work of the family of solar power generation system, Also calculate the system to save electricity each year, as well as the environmental benefits brought about by the overall system to consider more comprehensive, more reasonable design.

Solar home lighting system, normal in sunny weather, after the solar panels on the battery more than 6 hours of charging, 4 LED energy-saving lamps at the same time open, you can continuous lighting for more than 6 hours. One can be continuous lighting for more than 18 hours. Note: When the solar charging plate surface debris or serious dirt, please clean up in time to enhance its photoelectric conversion efficiency. In addition to solar panels to be outdoors, the rest of the accessories as far as possible in the room to extend its life.

When the solar panel is installed, it is generally oriented at the position of the south and the angle is 10-30 degrees.