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Portable Solar Charger Widely Used

Solar panels are low efficiency, Portable Solar Charger solar panels can not be bent, with a heavy weight of the floor, limited to the use of ordinary crystalline silicon cells, Portable Solar Charger so open solar packages are generally 600D or 1680D and other materials, hard material, Portable Solar Charger heavy weight, can not meet the outdoor Backpack portable light weight needs, and the maximum power to do 5 watts.

Currently on the market widely used SUNPOWER 6.5 watts solar panels, the first by our million sound imagination (ECEEN) and Guorui Sunshine in 2013 lasted half a year together to develop, Portable Solar Charger this solar panels come out, we developed a variety of soft materials Solar backpack, which solar riding bag ECE-611, solar backpack ECE-602, ECE-612 is the development of this period of time for the classic, Portable Solar Charger sold in Europe and the United States market, and rave reviews!

First of all, the advantages of SUNPOWER obvious: the production of low-cost high-performance film: 22%, which can greatly reduce the solar panel area of portable products, can be slightly bent, will not break, Portable Solar Charger even if the power is normal, only affect the power, not Affect the work, Portable Solar Charger the process does not PCB floor, so easy to carry use, reduce material costs, Portable Solar Charger light weight, lighter than the traditional film weight more than half, to achieve real portable. Other IGS and thin film cell technology, although very good folding, but the high cost, low efficiency to its development has been greatly constrained.

At the time of the development and production SUNPOWER sun board, we overcome a lot of difficulties, so far, the Chinese importers can purchase to the SUNPOWER chip, still only B-chip, Portable Solar Charger the efficiency of 22%, the biggest problem or the appearance of the problem The Such as silver line, bare copper, color, discoloration, wrinkles, pits, etc., since April 2013, our company began to promote SUNPOWER application so far, process and SUNPOWER characteristics of the control method and other aspects have been greatly improved, and Traditional product appearance is no different

SUNPOWER 6.5-watt solar panel developed after, because of its high efficiency, no floor can be bent, light weight, any small silicon chip does not affect the work of other wafers and other high-quality features can be perfect with the handbag products, Portable Solar Charger since SUNPOWER 6.5 Tile mass production, Portable Solar Charger the other a variety of slices have also been developed to form a complete solar handbag product line, 2014 to 2015, the company's solar handbag product output growth. 2015, the market quickly smell SUNPOWER great potential, 6.5 watts of solar energy products are widely used in folding panels and other solar applications.

Crystal silicon cells, of course, Portable Solar Charger is the core components of solar energy products, but the simple cooling of the solar panels and then charge the phone, Portable Solar Charger there are many real problems, the weather is sunny, uncertain factors, especially the high-end mobile phone terminal current Voltage input has a high demand, and is real-time, so the solar controller is also a key factor.