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Portable Solar Charger Water Resistance Is Also Good

Material, the V to the use of ETFE process, with a high anti-fouling, easy to clean, Portable Solar Charger high melting point, long life and other characteristics. While reducing the light reflection, increasing the surface wear resistance increased by 5% of the photoelectric conversion rate. Portable Solar Charger At the same time a special material makes the wind to the water resistance is also very good, do not have to worry about because of moisture, water and damage to the product. Durability is much higher than other charging equipment.

Performance, V Lai Yang unique choice of clean energy solar energy as a raw material for power supply. In the case of the sun in the case of plugging the need to charge the device can be charged,Portable Solar Charger while the device built-in voltage regulator, Portable Solar Charger you can automatically identify the light state, restart, no interference in the work of the charge. It is worth mentioning that the Vilai Yang can supply a variety of electronic equipment, as long as the Apple lighting or Micro USB connector can be charged.

In general, the smart solar charger as a portable charging device has a lot of charging equipment that is not a bit, a brief introduction to a small look, Portable Solar Charger solid workmanship, and clean energy use ... very suitable for travel parties and travel parties , So that solar energy into your life.

The power provided by the solar panels is highly dependent on the working environment. This includes factors such as optical density, time and location. Therefore, Portable Solar Charger the battery is usually used as an energy storage unit. When the energy from the solar panels, you can charge the battery; when the solar panels to provide less power, the battery can power the system. How do we design a lithium example battery charger to get the most power from a solar cell and effectively charge the lithium battery? First, Portable Solar Charger we will discuss the working principle of solar cells and electrical output characteristics; then, we will discuss the battery charging system requirements and matching solar cell characteristics of the system solutions in order to obtain the maximum power from the solar cells.

The output characteristics of solar cells, Portable Solar Charger due to the diode I-V characteristics of a slight change, the series resistance (Rs) on the voltage drop is also a slight change, but the output voltage remains very constant. However, the current through the internal diode at some point is so small that it becomes biased not enough, and as the load current increases, Portable Solar Charger the voltage across it decreases rapidly. Finally, if all of the current flows through the load and does not flow through the diode, the output voltage is zero. This current is called the short-circuit current (ISC) of the solar cell, which, Portable Solar Charger together with VOC, is one of the main parameters defining the performance. Therefore, the solar cell is considered to be "current limited" power supply. Portable Solar Charger When the output current increases, its output voltage decreases until the final reduction is zero, if the load current reaches its short-circuit current.