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Portable Solar Charger The Product Type

Portable solar charger is a device for solar energy into electricity, after to convert solar energy into electrical energy stored in the battery, the battery can be any form of electricity storage devices, generally by solar photovoltaic cells, batteries, pressure regulating device of three parts

Portable solar charger product type

Type 1, solar charger with lighting function, built-in energy-saving super LED light, very saving power. If used solely for LED lighting, it can be used for 3 hours to 30 hours depending on the built-in battery capacity.

Type 2, a solar charger with built-in charging function. This charger does not carry any other extended functions. The advantage is that this type of charger is large and suitable for professional external power supply.

Type 3, power supply adjustable solar charger. Currently, 5v is generally supported and 9v can be adjusted.

The conversion rate of solar panels is still relatively low, with 16.5% in China and 17% in China, and 25% in foreign countries.

Researchers rensselaer polytechnic institute in the United States in 2008 to develop a new type of coating, the cover on the solar panels can make the sunshine absorption rate increased to 96.2%, while the common solar panels of sunlight absorption rate of only 70% or so.

New coating mainly solves the two technical problems, one is to help the solar panels absorb almost all of the solar spectrum, 2 it is to make solar panels absorb sunlight from a larger Angle, so as to improve the efficiency of the solar panels absorb sunlight.

Ordinary solar panels, usually can only absorb part of the solar spectrum, but usually only when direct absorption of sunlight work efficiency is higher, so a lot of solar energy devices are equipped with automatic adjustment system, to ensure that the solar panels, always keep the most beneficial to absorb energy from the sun's Angle.

Scope of application: solar charger can be used for charging products and electronic digital mobile devices in different ranges between 3.7 and 6V. The voltage and current parameters are not consistent with the moving equipment. It is necessary to charge the charging products of the charging products and electronic digital mobile devices with the appropriate voltage. Ensure charging stability and battery life. Solar chargers are free and up to 20 interfaces are available. It is compatible with most mobile phones (iPhone, blackberry), GPS receiver, dedicated cluster mobile communication device, digital camera, mp3/4 player, and wide range of charging adapters

Working principle: in the sunlight, the principle of solar mobile charger is through the light energy into electricity and stored through control circuit to the built-in battery, also can direct the light energy to produce electricity for mobile phone or other electronic digital products charging, but must be based on the luminosity of the sun, in the absence of sunlight, can be stored by alternating current into direct current (dc) and the control circuit to the built-in battery.

Note: 1. Under strong light can not be charged (direct solar panel) about 8 hours, can be full of built-in battery. Do not put the charger in the car during the summer. Effect battery life 3. Do not charge the charger from the glass. The charging effect is poor. 4. It must be charged under the strong light, and in weak light (Light1) light, only the representative can detect the light, not the representative has been charged (eg, under the light of the lamp). So do not charge under weak light. 5. Due to the inconsistency of the battery in each charger, the time of initial charge or discharge will be different. 6. Do not use corrosive solution to wipe the machine so as not to damage the product. 7. It is strictly forbidden to put the product into the fire so as not to cause the explosion.