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Portable Solar Charger The Main Characteristics Of Weak Light And Good

Portable Solar Charger Solar flexible charging folding package upgrades, removable mobile power can be divided into the fit. With waterproof, dustproof, ultra light, soft and curly, weak light and so on the main characteristics of the sun in the phone or mobile power to recharge, in the case of the sun, by mobile power can give MP3 mobile phone plate and other products charging. is really Portable Solar Charger effective solar energy products, not false play the concept of toys! Standard sunlight current reaches 1.2A output, outdoor artifact.

Equipped with a dedicated connection with the storage of the equipment, the solar energy can be stored in the mobile power, mobile power is placed in a dedicated leather jacket, and solar host can achieve seamless docking, block button-style design, together as one! Mobile Portable Solar Charger power can also be used separately, not by indoor and outdoor restrictions. You can also choose not to move the power supply, with the mode that is filled with.

The back of the power jacket is connected with the solar panels by pressing the buckle, free combination, can be divided, arbitrary, completely humanized design.

6W Solar Charger has a regulator, Portable Solar Charger the USB junction box has the voltage regulator circuit, the circuit board has an intelligent IC, prevents the voltage too high or too low, and has the prevention reverse input function, in the light sufficient condition, guarantees the voltage regulator standard USB5V output, this is the general solar folding pack does not have the function. Inexpensive solar bag without voltage regulator, light enough voltage can reach 7V or so, against the mobile phone, some of the mobile phone has over-voltage protection directly as not charging.

Generally, if the sun is not Portable Solar Charger particularly dark, it can be charged. If the light is worse, such as rainy days, the clouds may not reach the cell phone's minimum charging current, it depends on the specific charging device circuit design, some mobile phone design current is less than 500MA can not recharge, and some mobile phones are available, so it depends on the equipment matching. When the light is darker, the charging current is small and the charging speed is relatively slow.

Portable Solar Charger The most critical place lies in the housing of the solar panels, shrinking freely, need to recharge the time, clenched shell, gently the charging plate like scroll out, to obtain the maximum illumination area, improve charging efficiency. From the second, no longer need to find outlets everywhere, it is a sunny day can have sufficient electricity.

One end of the charger integrates the power switch and 5 LEDs to display the power, and the other is two different USB interfaces to facilitate the charging of different mobile devices.

The advantage of solar Portable Solar Charger charger is that as long as there is the sun can be charged to mobile devices, even in the desolate mountain ridge do not worry about power outages. Of course, relying on the sun, the biggest disadvantage is limited by the weather, if it is cloudy or rainy, it will not work.

Compared to the current market non-folding curved sun can battery plate this is indeed a very practical design, but a good solar charger, to consider the use of efficiency, batteries and circuit design problems, so, WAACS this scroll-style solar charger to really enter people's life, there is a long way to go.