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Portable Solar Charger The Design Of

With the exploitation of fossil fuels, fewer and fewer resources can be used, coupled with fossil energy pollution of the environment more and more serious, looking for new clean and efficient energy, has become an urgent problem. From the last century people began to study solar energy, to the use of solar energy today, with unprecedented progress. People go out, the biggest problem is the mobile phone and other electronic products power consumption finished, but not fast with the direct power supply products, how to solve this? On the basis of this problem, this paper puts forward the design of portable solar charger based on single chip microcomputer, and realizes the control of the circuit by using the intelligentity of single chip microcomputer. The principle of photovoltaic power generation is used to convert the electric energy of solar energy into electronic product Of the power, which solved the people of a major problem. And it can not only charge for mobile phones, but also as a general power to use, compared with the traditional charger has a great advantage.

Mainly to see the size of solar cells, such as a solar panel capacity is 5V / 900 mA

Mobile lithium battery voltage is 3.7v, to 3.7v battery charge the best theoretical voltage coefficient is 1.43, that is 5.291V, generally take the charging voltage range of 4.5-6v.

To charge the lithium battery is the size of the current, the current is large charging time is short, the current is a small charge a long time;

For example, 3.7V2200mA lithium battery capacity pool, 3.7V is the battery capacity of the pool of high-pressure valve, 2200mA is its capacity; then the need to use 4.5-6v pressure to make the valve open, the charge current to the inside into the energy.

Such as 4.5W (5V / 900 mA) solar panels to 3.7V2200mA lithium battery charging, the theoretical charging time of 2200 ÷ 900 = 2.45 hours, consider the power loss, about 3 hours can be filled.