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Portable Solar Charger Product Type

Portable solar charger is a device for solar energy into electricity, after to convert solar energy into electrical energy stored in the battery, the battery can be any form of electricity storage devices, generally by solar photovoltaic cells, batteries, pressure regulating device of three parts

Solar charger product type

Type 1, solar charger with lighting function, built-in energy-saving super LED light, very saving power. If used solely for LED lighting, it can be used for 3 hours to 30 hours depending on the built-in battery capacity.

Type 2, a solar charger with built-in charging function. This charger does not carry any other extended functions. The advantage is that this type of charger is large and suitable for professional external power supply.

Type 3, power supply adjustable solar charger. Currently, 5v is generally supported and 9v can be adjusted

The key to a solar cell phone charger is four points:

One is efficiency. Efficiency includes two aspects: the conversion efficiency of solar panels and the efficiency of secondary conversion. The conversion efficiency of solar panels refers to the efficiency of energy conversion to electricity. And the second conversion efficiency is the efficiency that the light can be stored in the accumulator after it has been converted into electricity.

Second, battery quality and capacity. The battery's capacity is typically 1.2 times that of your phone's battery. Solar built-in lithium battery discharge to mobile phones and other digital products, there will be energy loss in the process of energy conversion, the conversion rate is 80% commonly - 80%, battery so solar-generated electricity is sufficient for your mobile phone, so big a battery to your mobile phone batteries. The quality of the battery is also related to the life of the solar charger.

Thirdly, control circuit and protection circuit. Now on the market of solar mobile charger products is very complex, it perhaps the protection circuit and control circuit design, simple or in poor compatibility, easy to charge mobile phones or shorten the bad and the service life of batteries. So the design of the control circuit and the protection circuit is very important.

Fourth, solar charger accessories. This problem is often overlooked by many users, but cannot be ignored. There are bad suppliers in the market to configure inferior accessories for price advantage, such as AC charger (popular fire cow), AC charger with IC protection circuit or no IC protection circuit. The AC charger without protection IC can not only have small charging current, but the charging time is not good. When choosing a solar charger, you should pay special attention to whether AC charger is equipped with IC protection.

Solar mobile charger is only when the emergency use, can't rely on it completely recharge cell phones and other digital products, in order to achieve full charge their phone, general solar mobile charger for mobile phone needs to be solar panels is greater than 0.7 W.

Scope of product application

The solar charger can be used for charging products and electronic digital mobile devices in different ranges between 3.7 and 6V. The voltage and current parameters are not consistent with the moving equipment. It is necessary to charge the charging products of the charging products and electronic digital mobile devices with the appropriate voltage. Ensure charging stability and battery life. Solar chargers are free and up to 20 interfaces are available. It is compatible with most mobile phones (iPhone, blackberry), GPS receiver, dedicated cluster mobile communication device, digital camera, mp3/4 player, and wide range of charging adapters. I have a series of products that are certified for iPod/iPhone.