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Portable Solar Charger Power Supply

Energy saving and environmental protection concept enjoys popular support, Portable Solar Charger there have been many new ideas, that is, can make full use of solar energy, in order to achieve different functions. For those who like to travel abroad, although the portable treasure, but will often encounter rechargeable treasure no electricity available situation. Recently, the designer brought us a new type of solar charging device, Portable Solar Charger not only can also charge the role of lighting, can be said that outdoor travel essential products.

In the interface, equipped with two USB interface, that is to say at the same time for two mobile phones or flat panel charging. This device built a highly efficient lithium battery, the user can go out before the first use of power is fully charged, to the outdoors, you can automatically charge.

In order to facilitate the user to use at night, but also with LED lights, seven LED lights energy saving, Portable Solar Charger power consumption is not large. When fully charged, you can provide 6.5 hours of lighting space, while the Apple phone is fully charged, it only takes about 1.5 hours. In addition, the lighting function also has the role of alarm, the unique light flash mode, you can occur in the event of an accident, Portable Solar Charger issued a distress signal. At present this creative products will soon be listed, but the price is still unknown.

The use of solar power (using the 12v100w high-power solar panels, adequate power), in the rear of the battery to join the regulator circuit. When the voltage is too large for 12v regulator, you can protect the circuit after the class will not burn, when the voltage is too low to close the circuit to prevent unnecessary damage caused by power back. In order to solar panels can not generate electricity at night defects, Portable Solar Charger the design plus 12v battery (battery selection is the ion battery, safe and reliable is not easy to explode). The solar energy and the battery power to the wireless transmitter module to the magnetic field conversion (also known as the power transmission module can launch a larger electromagnetic field)

The electromagnetic field of the receiving module is consistent with the direction of the emission and receives the electromagnetic field at the transmitting end. When the receiving coil is closed, Portable Solar Charger it generates a voltage equal to that of the transmitting end. We then convert this voltage (here we intend to use the market inverter, reliable and power), it becomes the required voltage.

Wireless transmission module, component area is small, no receiving current can be up to 600mA, basically meet the general electronic design of the charging power supply, the module has the ability to identify, Portable Solar Charger according to the size of the load automatically increase or decrease the transmission power, efficiency of about 70% Easy to use, low cost, can work directly in the 4 ~ 12V wide voltage work, mainly for portable electronic design of the wireless power supply, charging and development and design, Portable Solar Charger with small size, easy to use, high conversion efficiency, low price and so on The Mainly applicable to: mobile phones, game consoles, fish tank lights, MP3, MP4, digital cameras, electric shavers, learning machines, medical, Portable Solar Charger underwater supplies and other design applications.