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Portable Solar Charger Must Have A Single Product

Today's smart phone can do more and more friends, Portable Solar Charger the phone in the hands of the world I have visual sense, go shopping, eat, pay, navigation, ride, watch, Portable Solar Charger games and so on are inseparable from the phone, natural phone Electricity is easy to worry, so the mobile power has become one of the essential items. However, with the outdoor movement to become a fashion, Portable Solar Charger the field when the phone and charge the treasure are no electricity how to do it? A variety of field charging products naturally came into being, solar panel charger is one of the typical one.

Solar panel mobile phone charger is good or bad key label: conversion efficiency. Now the solar panel on the market conversion rate is still relatively low, generally only 16.5%, foreign people have done 25%. So the solar cell phone charger can only be used when the emergency, more suitable for outdoor, Portable Solar Charger camping, no power storage function can be used with the charge to use.

Solar charger is through the solar panels, the solar energy into the light energy into electricity. Its main purpose is to go out, travel, climbing and other spare batteries, Portable Solar Charger can be used for mobile phones, mp3, mp4, psp, gps, digital cameras, portable audio and video equipment, such as charging.

Go out shopping what ~ most afraid of the phone no electricity, and full grid that only feel a sense of security, Xiao Bian is sick ~ pro do not care, but if there is the following outdoor charge artifact: Hart portable solar charging set, everything No need to worry about it again. Portable Solar Charger This Hart portable solar charger with solar cells, the most high-end SunPower ™ Maxeon ™ technology, Xiao Bian actually do not understand how high-end, in short, is a very powerful technology. Because the technology has the world's highest solar energy conversion efficiency. In the sun, the fastest 2 hours filled with a smart phone. There is no like that, so that then go out no longer have to worry about mobile phone no electricity, as long as the sun can be, but also this artifact can also be used as a flashlight, bicycle headlights, camping lights and other use. The combination kit contains a Hart origin energy bar, a removable shade, a retractable bracket, a bicycle bracket, three outdoor buckles and high-speed USB charging cable, very complete, so that users worry.

Performance, V Lai Yang unique choice of clean energy solar energy as a raw material for power supply. In the case of the sun in the case of plugging the need to charge the device can be charged, Portable Solar Charger while the device built-in voltage regulator, you can automatically identify the light state, restart, no interference in the work of the charge. It is worth mentioning that the Vilai Yang can supply a variety of electronic equipment, Portable Solar Charger as long as the Apple lighting or Micro USB connector can be charged.