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Portable Solar Charger Have A Great Advantage

With the exploitation of fossil fuels, fewer and fewer resources can be used, coupled with fossil energy pollution of the environment more and more serious, looking for new clean and efficient energy, has become an urgent problem. From the last century people began to study solar energy, Portable Solar Charger to the use of solar energy today, with unprecedented progress. People go out, the biggest problem is the mobile phone and other electronic products power consumption finished, but not fast with the direct power supply products, how to solve this? On the basis of this problem, this paper puts forward the design of portable solar charger based on single chip microcomputer, and realizes the control of the circuit by using the intelligentity of single chip microcomputer. Portable Solar Charger The principle of photovoltaic power generation is used to convert the electric energy of solar energy into electronic product Of the power, which solved the people of a major problem. And it can not only charge for mobile phones, Portable Solar Charger but also as a general power to use, compared with the traditional charger has a great advantage.

Smart phones are becoming more and more popular, people are increasingly dependent on mobile phones. When people go outdoors, leaving the indoor power grid, the phone is no electricity, it will produce a "sense of crisis." Navigation, camera video, query, consumption, life in every moment can not be separated from the phone, Portable Solar Charger but also from the less power. Went outdoors, not only with a cell phone, but also with a charge treasure.

Short-term outdoor travel, usually choose sunny weather, with a solar charger is also a good choice. Compared to ordinary charge Po, solar energy is inexhaustible in the outdoors, Portable Solar Charger anytime, anywhere can add power to the phone.

Since it is used outdoors, unlike in the room, solar charger must be light and easy to carry, use is not easy. Material should also meet the outdoor environment, waterproof, Portable Solar Charger sunscreen, anti-wear and so on.

RENOGY If the new energy E.FLEX portable USB solar charger 10w weighs only 372g, with a buckle and a glass sucker, user-friendly outdoor suspension or adsorption on the glass. Using the best quality materials, waterproof sunscreen dust.

As an outdoor charging product, the most important thing is its charging efficiency. Many products of the battery chip EL test, the battery film black film, the situation is very serious crack, Portable Solar Charger bring out the outdoor is also a trouble.

Now there are three versions of the solar charger on the market: the regular version, instant reset version of YOLK version, each version of the charging methods are different.

The apple device can not be charged normally, Portable Solar Charger and it will be affected by the change of light quantity. When the amount of light becomes weak, the charging current will decrease. Strong, the charging current will not be restored;

Immediate reset version: When the apple device to charge, when the amount of light becomes weak, the charging current decreases; when the light volume and then become strong, the regulator immediately restart, charge current recovery. If the amount of light is unstable, the regulator will be frequent start, the user experience will be poor;

In contrast, E.FLEX has obvious advantages. Portable Solar Charger USB interface intelligent identification terminal (automatic matching charging device), Portable Solar Charger when the detection of non-apple device charging, do not start the automatic reset logic, the normal charge; but when the detection of Apple device charging, start the automatic reset logic, detect the amount of light If you find that the amount of light is unstable, you do not reset the regulator, keep the low current charge, Portable Solar Charger and re-adjust the voltage. If you find that the amount of light is unstable, you do not reset the regulator. Portable Solar Charger The next round of detection and judgment, will greatly enhance the user experience satisfaction, very user-friendly.