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Talking about the application of LED display technique in highway

LED electronic display is a display text, an image, a two dimensional or three dimensional animation and television, video, VCD and video ideal for public information display media, the display technology has been widely used in many areas of the socio-economic and traffic information display is one of the most important areas of application. LED display is in the 1990 of the 20th century a new type of flat panel display, is a Photonics technology, micro-electronics technology, computer technology and video technology as one of high-tech products, its light emitting portion by LED (light emitting diode) consisting of assembled, the advantages of low power consumption, high brightness, clear picture, colorful, durable, stable performance.

Variable information board display surface is generally displayed by the LED array, which shows each of the light emitting element array is also called a pixel, each pixel is made up of different luminous basic colors (red, green, blue, yellow) combination of LED tubes according to a certain proportion of. Variable information Board itself has a display driver, testing and control functions, equipped with remote communication interface for communication with the Centre.

Currently in widespread use on the highway's display there are two types: one is the dual-color displays, for the red-and-green two-color, 256-level grayscale, you can display 65536 colors; another with full-color display, for the red, green, and blue primary colors, 256-level Gray's full color display can show more than 16 million colors.

In order to reduce the frequency of highway traffic congestion and traffic accidents, improve highway conditions and existing security systems, reduce traffic accidents, traffic congestion and accidents, crowding and delays brought about by loss of Expressway information system should give full play to the role of escort for highway safety, high speed and smooth running.