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Sound and light alarm

High-quality incandescent, seismic performance, lamp shades are made of high quality polycarbonate, high strength, good transmission performance, can adapt to a variety of harsh environments and ensure that the light of the transmission distance. Lamp shades and bases bolted to ensure easy removal as well as solid, easy to change consumables. According to the different conditions of use, there are two types of installation available, fixed bolts and fixed magnetic, fixed bolt is mainly used in machinery and equipment, security booth, construction sites, etc;-magnetic fixing suitable for all kinds of vehicles, easy disassembly and installation firm. can be equipped with electronic buzzer, realization of sound and light, and highlighted warning effect. Product design and reasonable structure, good sealing performance, in line with the protection class IP55, rain-proof and dust-proof.
Purpose: integration of light and sound are two forms of sound and light warning light equipment light alarm sound and light alarm calls, in order to meet customer alarm loudness and specific requirements set for the installation location. Also issued two kinds of sound and light alarm signals. Product area: banks, government agencies, postal, telecommunications, hotel, building, factory shopping mall shops, villas, ATM, boundary defense system and security services Corporation; fire automatic fire alarm system is one of the accessories.