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Rail lifts the warning light indicating

Guide type lifts equipment of system General has anti-pendant, and overload, and blackout, security device, other special of guide type lifts also has for explosion-proof occasions using of explosion-proof electronic device, and has makes lifting Taiwan run more stable of wheel, and guide type of external type power unit, and table import and export used hanging chain or bar, and guardrail and the lifting Taiwan run warning lamp or alarm, and door opened Shi makes lifting Taiwan circuit close of security switch, many function. great party has will operation personnel the work layer more points control, points moving or security mode operation .

Rail lift solid structure, capacity, stable lifting, installation and maintenance is simple and convenient, and is economical and practical alternative ideal goods transportation equipment for elevators between floors. According to a fixed guide rail lift installation and use requirements, you can choose different fixing rail lift, choose a different option, complete the task of lifting goods, and achieve better results.