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Classification of warning lights

Warning lights for general use in the maintenance of road safety, is often used in police vehicles, and vehicles, fire engines, ambulances, prevention management, road maintenance truck tractor ﹑ ﹑ emergency A/S vehicles, machinery and equipment development. Under normal circumstances, warning lights is based on vehicle length and can provide a variety of useful products, combinations of shade structures, composite color shades can be combined as needed. In addition, it can be different according to the light source form, divided into: 1 lamp rotating lamp Flash 2LED; 3 Xenon lamp strobe lights, including LED flash is the light bulb in the form of rotating an upgraded version of the form, the service life is longer, more efficient, more environmentally friendly!

Applicable industries
Mechanical, electrical, machine tools, chemicals, telecommunications, shipbuilding, metallurgy, professional vehicle electrical control circuit for controlling signal interlocking functions.

Warning lights how to install
1, install the warning lights car friends reminded: warning light is polarity, positive port 58, negative of the screw, otherwise it does not flicker.
2. be careful when you open the T73-A operations, due to the confined space, and bad students not to worry, your time! Specifically how to see photos.
3, normal wiring, wiring, termination screws, end of broken line 58, re-breaking line cross junction, just normal flashing.
4, Chang Pai warning light connection is correctly: Red megaphone engine input, positive black engine input negative, normal Flash mode: should pick up yellow and white cables will blink, and the blue line megaphone loudspeaker, public bus-connector controlled blink module
5, small warning lamp connection is red line corresponds to the battery positive pole, black lines correspond to the battery negative pole, apart from rotating warning light.